What do you look for when choosing a Internet Service Provider?

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When it comes to selecting a service provider what are the main factors you take into consideration?

  • Do you go for a no contract service?
  • Do you prefer a locally owned company?
  • Do you base your final decision on price or service?

There is a fine line in the decision factor for many businesses when it comes to choosing a vendor for services. All too often however, the choice falls on price. Sometimes, as the adage goes “you get what you pay for” becomes a reality. In terms of a broadband provider in St Louis, let’s review your options and leave the decisions up to you. I'll tackle the 3 questions above individually. Here we go.

Q: When choosing a Saint Louis ISP, do you prefer a contract (SLA) or no contract service?

no-contractWhile a no contract service sure does sound good, you have to ask yourself is this the right thing for my business! What exactly does a no contract service mean? Let’s think of it in terms of an Insurance provider. Would you buy car insurance without a contract? What about a House? NO, of course you wouldn’t.

The same should be thought of in terms of any vendor/service provider. The reason some companies don't want to offer you a contract is not for your piece of mind and protection. This gimmick is strictly built for their protection. What a contract does is set a clear expectation of what you will receive, and what they need to deliver. Entering into a no contract agreement is no different than getting married without a license. It simply means there is no real commitment. Yes, you can cancel your service at any time, but the larger issue is they have no real commitment to you if an issue should arise. Unless you feel confident that you will have no issues, proceed with caution. If you know what we know, which is all service providers will eventually have some sort of outage/issue, wouldn’t you feel better knowing they are committed to fixing that problem versus offering you to cancel your service? That scenario leaves you in a not so great situation of finding a new internet service provider who can get you installed and running in a couple days. (Good luck with that.)

Q: Do you prefer a locally owned company, or a national corporation?

locally-ownedSure, there are benefits of choosing a large multinational corporation for your service, but there are also some serious pitfalls you may not be aware of.

Usually, the biggest advantage of a larger company is you get a slightly lower price for service, but because of the nature of their network you will almost certainly be getting far less for your money, and in this case you are buying their “best effort”. How would you feel if your dentist gave you his “best effort”? I'm sure you would agree what you really want is a good product, which does what it says it does all the time, versus some or most of the time.

When working with a smaller local St Louis broadband service provider there are benefits. First off, local companies in most cases offer far better service. How many times have you been on the phone with a customer service representative or technical support team for an existing service, to be faced with a language barrier? How about waiting 5-10 minutes going through a phone prompt system? We've all been there, and we all know that it’s not exactly what we would choose to do with our time.

The last thing to keep in mind about a local company versus large corporation is a factor not many people think about, but should. Where does your money go? Are you sending your money to another state, or country? Are your tax dollars benefiting your city or home state? This doesn’t mean a lot to some people, but for savvy business owners who understand the benefits, keeping your dollars here in St. Louis is a great thing for our local economy. It benefits us all on a larger scale

Q: Do you base your final decision on price or service?

price-vs-serviceIn today's economy we don't have to look hard to find a good reason to base decisions on price. What you have to be careful of, is getting a best effort service which may be oversubscribed. If that happens to you, you will definitely be in the “getting what you are paying for category”. Sometimes it makes more sense to pay a little bit more, to get a lot. Think of it this way, sometimes when a new restaurant opens, the food is incredible. Then they get some buzz, and more customers learn of the great food, and the place gets busier and busier. What happens next is almost predictable. The business has to make choices to speed up service, almost always chipping away at quality. What may have been good a year ago could be majorly different today. Quality is what most of us are after, not quantity.

 We are not a hard sell type company, we do our very best to offer our customers a consultative approach, learning as much as we can about how you plan to use our service. Once we gain you as a customer our team is committed to offering the absolute best service we can. If you've had a bad experience with a ISP and are looking for a company who is determined to give you their absolute best, look no further than STL Wimax.
Call on us today to start the process, let us show you how you can have Fiber like speeds, for far less investment. Talk with one of our team members now, by calling 314-720-1000.

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