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Why you need to know what Air Fiber is, and how it can Save your business thousands.

 When you think of the fastest available internet available today, many will immediately think of Fiber. Fiber Optic connectivity is a very popular means to build a internet service network, but it does come with some severe risk factors. First, its very expensive to deploy, with the average fiber installation ranging between $5-25,000. Secondly, there is a high risk of network downtime from damage to the line. A simple $10 shovel can bring down a multi-million dollar network, affecting thousands.

 As with many technological advances, one that not many people know about yet is Air Fiber. Bandwidth alone is expensive enough for many businesses, but to cover the installation is many times impossible. Today, you can chose to go with a WiMax ISP such as STLWiMAX to offer similar speeds, without the abundant installation costs. For many, this is a major Win-Win.

 Air Fiber delivers a whopping 1.4+ Gbps aggregate throughput. To put that into perspective, Air Fiber can download a 5-6 Gigabyte file in under a minute. That's the equivalent of a 3 hour High Definition movie, which would normally take 30-60 minutes on a standard broadband connection.


Air Fiber compared to FiOS, Cable and Standard DSL speeds.


STLWiMAX is the first ISP in St. Louis to build a network utilizing Air Fiber. Our network is built by business owners, for business owners. Our goal is to rival the expensive wired networks in speed, while offering a better overall customer experience.

 Many business owners who have considered a Fiber connection, have turned it down when they saw the installation price. We are happy to announce the average installation cost for our customers is in the $250 - $500 price range. We deploy cheaper and faster than any other ISP in St Louis.

 Our network is expanding throughout the entire St Louis metro area. We may not be in your area today, but if you need us, we will do our best to expand there tomorrow. Having said that, keep in mind we don't have to wait for construction crews to dig trenches and take weeks or months to get it done. Our network expands very fast, we can deploy a new network node in as little as a 3 days.

 To learn more about Air Fiber from STLWiMAX please call us at 314-720-1000



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Welcome to STLWimax \ AirFiberSTL

Call us to save $100 on your Installation. Call 314.720.1000 for more Information.




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Our Installation process is fast, inexpensive and agile.  

Its a simple process.  Once you decide to be a STLWimax customer, we need permission to get atop your roof, and less than an hour later we can have your hardware installed.

We Install a Non Penetrating mast, that is supported by a small metal sleigh that is weighed down to prevent it to be moved.

From there, all we need to do is run one cable to your unit, that runs to your router.

Wimax Non Penetrating Roof Mount

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